5th Annual Meeting in the UCD Medical Center, 2010

The 5th Annual Meeting of CAMAC was held in the UCD Medical Center Courtyard Hotel by Marriott on May 1st, 2010. The conference was a success. It started off with the retiring President, Dr. Lin Zhang , delivering his the State of CAMAC address, summarizing the growth and the activities of CAMAC over the past two years. Dr. David Tang, the upcoming president presented him an award for Dr. Zhang’s commitment and contributions to our community. Dr. Bihai Peng was elected as the new board member at the conference.
As the central theme of the annual meeting, Drs. Yingbo Yang, Yunlin Zheng, malin Prupas, and Eddie Cheung, presented their well prepared speech on current view on arrhythmia, diabetes, gout, and hepatitis B, respectively.

The Annual meeting was attended by 38 members and 16 industry sponsors. The feedbacks from the members have been quite positive.

The dinner banquet honoring members and their families and friends was held at Rice Bowl Restaurant, featuring the Chinese Folk Chamber Music Group of Sacramento . All attendees enjoyed a fun-filled evening.

The board appreciated the supports of members and our friends. The new board welcomes comments and suggestion on past and future activities.

Fall Retreat, Lake Tahoe, 2010

There were forty-two physicians who participated in this major academic event of CAMAC. Dr. Deyi Zheng, director of Academic Affairs, announced the beginning of the meeting. Dr. David Tang, president of CAMAC, gave a brief review regarding the fall retreats and introduced the new members. Dr. John Chin presented an excellent lecture regarding the update in cardiology. The seminar ended by Dr. Xinnong Li, vice-president of CAMAC, with post-meeting programs.

All members and their families had the picnic dinner at the beach in front of Best Western Hotel. They enjoyed chatting, eating moon cakes and fruits, and playing beach volleyball.

Next day, members went for hiking, kayaking, biking, and speedy boating, etc. The magnificent fireworks on the lake at Sunday night made the members and families very excited.

Medical Exchange in Linzhou and Shanghai, China 2010

A group of members and their families visited Linzhou County, Henan in June, 2009. While paying a visit to LinZhou Cancer Hospital, Drs. Chunlin Yang, Lirong Chang, Julia Li, Zijian Xu, Yunli Zheng, and Lin Zhang delivered speeches on a variety of topics including primary cancer prevention, psychiatric care of cancer patients, Heart cancers, and brain cancers. Their presentations were well received by over 100 cancer care professionals.
During their three-day visit, they also met with local officials and discussed potential future mutual collaborations. The children were hosted by local language professional school and had a conference with the students covering topics on American paraprofessional educations and language proficiency.
Before and after the conferences, the delegate was treated with trips to local and regional attractions such as the red flag canal and oracle museum. These cultural establishments impressed the delegate members and their children with unforgettable memories.
Meanwhile, Drs. David Yue Tang and Yu Li visited Huashan Hospital in Shanghai and Chest Hospital, then visited World Expo in Shanghai.

CAMAC Chinese New Year’s Party 2009

Our New Years Party on 1/24 was a big success. It was nice to see such a big turn out. The entertainment performance by the members were very original and high quality. Many members put out huge effort to prepare for the party. CAMAC board would like to thank everyone who came to the party, and particularly those who were involved in organizing and/or performed at the party. We now know how much potential talent had been wasted over the years. It’s time to dig deep.

Also, our event was publicized by the World Journal newspaper (2/1/09, Sunday). The following is a link to the on-line version of the article. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Looking ahead, it’s not too early to start thinking about next year’s party. Please bring up any idea to a board member at any time during the year. Dr. Xing-nong Li and Mrs. Li (Jenny) were the “producers” of our performance. Please feel free to discuss any new ideas for next year with them.

CAMAC 4th Annual Meeting 2009

CAMAC held its 4th annual meeting and medical conference successfully at UC Davis Medical Center Courtyard Marriott Hotel on April 18, 2009. The President of CAMAC, Dr. Lin Zhang, and board members made their annual reports. Based on the bylaw, two new board members, Drs. Deyi Zheng and Yunli Zheng replaced of Drs. David Char and Kingman Tung. There were thirty-five physicians who attended the meeting. Five speakers gave excellent talks. Sixteen sponsors exhibited their products. Members had very positive feedback. One member commented CAMAC medical conference is better than his CME meeting.

At the evening, CAMAC members and their families had financial planning lecture given by Ms. Evette Tsang and free dinner at Rice Bowl restaurant. In addition, CAMAC members donated $1,890 for a terminally ill member on that day. Thank you all for your support of CAMAC.

CAMAC’s annual meeting appeared on the newspaper Chinese World Journal today.

CAMAC vs. China Medical Exchange 2009

Invited by the Cancer Institute of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CICAMS), five CAMAC members headed by Dr. Lin Zhang, President of CAMAC, Drs. Dawei Zheng, Deyi Zheng, Julia Li, and David Y. Tang visited Beijing, China from June 21 to June 27, 2009 and hosted a medical exchange program.
Drs. Youlin Qiao of CICAMS and Lin Zhang presided over the conference. Dr. Tang started with the topic of “United Stated Health Care Reform” to elaborate advantage and disadvantage of US health care system. Dr. Deyi Zheng subsequently talked about “Cancer Screening in the US”. Next, Dr. Li introduced ” Psychological Management of the Cancer Patients”. Finally, Dr. Dawei Zheng finished the program with the topic of ” Family Medicine in US”, which drew strong interests from the audience and stirred up warm discussions. CAMAC members had a direct and extensive communication with their attendees and fulfilled the purpose of the CAMAC’s mission.
Our host welcomed CAMAC members with a unique dinner at Sichuna Restaurant as soon as the members arrived in Beijing on June 21, 2009. Since the impact of H1N1, the host had to cancel the plan to visit Linxian of Henan province, but instead, sent the CAMAC members and their families onto a five day trip to Yungan Shiku, Yingxian Ancient Tower, The Xuankong Temple, Yanmen Pass, Taiyuan city, Jin Temple, Pingyiao Acient city, Qiao Family Complex, and Dazai village in Shanxi province. The CAMAC members and their families had a wonderful chance to learn about the history and culture of China.
This 2009 medical exchange program was completed successfully following Dr. Lin Zhang’s half-year long efforts and preparation. CAMAC board is considering the similar educational activities in the future.

CAMAC Health Awareness Seminar 2009

CAMAC held a seminar focused on Health Awareness for its members on 9-06-09. There were 42 members who participated in the seminar at Orangevale Recreation and Park District, Sacramento. Drs. Lin Zhang and Deyi Zheng co-chaired the meeting. The topics consisted of Preventative medicine (Dr. Yunli Zheng), Prevention and Screening of cancer(Dr. Li Fang Hu), The Management of Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia (Dr. Xinnong Li),and Prevention of Cardiovascular diseases (Dr. Zijian Xu). The Pharmaceutical company (ABBOT) provided free blood glucose and lipid panel tests. With members families and their guests, more than 100 people joined in the event. To promote the purpose of the event, doctors and their family members had a swimming contest. This event was on Chinese World Journal by reporter Huiling Wang.

3rd Annual Meeting and Medical Conference, 2008

CAMAC had a seminar at Portala hotel in Monterey Bay on August 30, 2008. There were twenty-one members with two speakers who attended the event. On next day, members with family members seventy-five people went whale-watching.