CAMAC’s Tahoe Fall Retreat in 2014, Labor Weekend

CAMAC’s Tahoe Fall Retreat in 2014, Labor Weekend

CAMAC had another successful retreat at North Star Resort Lake Tahoe on Sept. 6th this year. The retreat was well attended by 35 doctors and their families at the beautiful resort area.

Scientific program: this year’s focus was on cardiovascular diseases, two speakers presented and discussed topics including perioperative management of antiplatelet therapy, and new oral prophylaxis and treatment of DVT/PE and non-valvular Afib.

Dr. Bommer presented and discussed campaign against proposition 46 to change medical injury compensation.

The travel showcase: Dr. Jian Chen Shen presented their trip on Highway One along the California coast. Dr. Cheyenne He presented their travel to Scandinavian countries; Dr. Lin Zhang presented how foreigners see Chinese and Chinese culture.

The doctors and families enjoyed delicious Chinese dishes from Golden Dragon Restaurant, Moon Cakes of Mid-Autumn festival, danced the evening away. Dr. Hu and his family attended
Start Tour at night. Afterwards, doctors had two groups activities, playing poker game well into the night, and free float chatting at Chinese tea party hosted by Dr. Dawei Zheng and his wife at their resort cabin.

Next Morning, the doctors and families gathered and had breakfast and coffee together, parted to self-directed activities.

As always, CAMAC board will continue to organize similar activities annually.