Chinese New Year Celebration in Asian Pearl, 2010

Chinese New Year Celebration in Asian Pearl, 2010

On the eve of the year of Tiger, CAMAC held its New Year Celebration at Asian Pearl Restaurant. The party started with Dr. Lin Zhang presenting the achievement award to Dr. Ron Jan for his contribution to the Paul Hom Asian Clinic. Then Dr. Zhang introduced new members and greeted the members and our guests.

Dr. Yunli Zheng presented a precise and well-articulated update on medical advancement in 2009.

The evening artistic program highlighted the party. Hosted by Drs. Michael Yang and Cheyenne He and Mrs. Lily Xu and Mr. Jesse Zhang, we had a chance to enjoy the wonderful performance by our own members and their friends, ranging from solo musicals to acrobatics to magic show; and from instrument performance to paired and group dancing. The party ended with full audience singing on stage.

We regret that we couldn’t accommodate every talented mind to perform at the party due to the time constraint. We look forward to having each one of you appear on the short list next year.

We appreciate our sponsors (Biotronics, GSK, Teva Neurosciences, and GI lead) and feel deeply in debt to our volunteers who helped with registration (Hong Luo, Ying Dong, Yi Sun, and Yin Qiu), DJ (Dr. Michael Li), Video and photography (Drs. Kenny Hu, Quan-Hui Li, and Mr. William Liu), and program artistic design (Jenny Wang).

We feel deeply in debt to CAMAC members and their families and friends for their active participation and generous support; without which the celebration would not have been possible.